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   * "Can't you see? The bosses keep us apart!"   * "Can't you see? The bosses keep us apart!"
-More of Internationale'dialogue can be found on the [[:lore:banters|agent banters]] page.+++++Banters: |   
 +> **Internationale:** ...And after the collapse of the system of global capital the masses will rise up and... 
 +> **Decker:** Oh look, we're here. 
 +> **Internationale:** Right. I'll tell you the rest later. 
 +> **Decker:** Goody. I can't wait. 
 +> **Decker:** Another day. Another pile of garbage to chew through. 
 +> **Internationale:** Were you born this cynical? 
 +> **Decker:** No, but I'm a quick learner. 
 +> **Internationale:** I can't believe you used to work for these people. 
 +> **Decker:** The money was good. 
 +> **Internationale:** Is that all that matters to you? 
 +> **Decker:** Of course not. They had a good dental plan, too. 
 +> **Decker:** You really think we're doing any good? 
 +> **Internationale:** I wouldn't be here if I didn't. 
 +> **Decker:** Whatever helps you sleep at night. 
 +> **Internationale:** Do you regret any of your academic work? Your discoveries help prop up our oppressors. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** I just make the tools. I'm not responsible for their use. 
 +> **Internationale:** That's a rather convenient attitude. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** I don't hear you complaining when you use your wireless scanner. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** Can I borrow your scanner for a second?  I think I might be able to extend its range. 
 +> **Internationale:** I don't know. How certain are you that you won't damage it? 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** About 40%. 
 +> **Internationale:** Don't touch my stuff. 
 +> **Internationale:** When is the last time you saw a tree? 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** My desk back at the university was an antique. I think it was made of real wood. 
 +> **Internationale:** That doesn't count. That's a dead tree. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** You need to be more specific with your questions. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:** This is the 21st century. I don't see how your 19th century philosophers are relevant any more. 
 +> **Internationale:** Human nature doesn't change. We're still just people. 
 +> **Dr. Xu:**  Even Sharp? 
 +> **Internationale:** Well, most of us, at least. 
 +> **Shalem 11:** You can see things at a distance, right? 
 +> **Internationale:** Certain patterns of electronic interference, yes. 
 +> **Shalem 11:** Hmmm. It would be better if you could see targets. More useful. 
 +> **Internationale:** Violence isn't always the answer. 
 +> **Shalem 11:** No, not always. But most of the time it works well enough. 
 +> **Internationale:** You made a lot of money working as an assassin, didn't you? 
 +> **Shalem 11:** Yeah, I did alright. I was the best, and my fees reflected that. 
 +> **Internationale:** Did it help you sleep at night? 
 +> **Shalem 11:** With that much money you don't need to sleep at night. 
 +> **Shalem 11:** You wear your politics on your sleeve. That puts you at a tactical disadvantage. 
 +> **Internationale:** It'worth it. Global revolution is the most important issue facing the world today. 
 +> **Shalem 11:** Uh. Right. Just don't let it get in the way of the mission. 
 +> **Nika:** If you grab the target's wrist like this, you get much more leverage for the throw. 
 +> **Internationale:** Thank you. I've always had trouble with that move. 
 +> **Nika:** Ne za chto. It is only physics. 
 +> **Nika:** I will take care of the physical resistance. You target the digital assets. 
 +> **Internationale:** Affirmative. But I can take care of myself in a fight, if I need to. 
 +> **Nika:** I believe that you believe that. 
 +> **Internationale:** You were a bodyguard before this, were you not? 
 +> **Nika:** That is correct. 
 +> **Internationale:** It must have been demeaning to prioritize another's life ahead of your own for money. How did that feel? 
 +> **Nika:** A bit like working for Invisible. 
 +> **Internationale:** Tell me, who assembled your latest implant? Who mined the ore that went into its components? 
 +> **Sharp:** Your obsession with the downtrodden is a waste of time. The only thing deserving of respect is power. 
 +> **Internationale:** Because some day they might stop. And then you'll know their power. 
 +> **Sharp:** Why would I care? 
 +> **Internationale:** Can we try not to hurt anyone this time? 
 +> **Sharp:** I don't even understand that question. 
 +> **Sharp:** How many workers would it take to bring down an Akuma drone? 
 +> **Internationale:** It depends. If the workers at the Sankaku assembly plant voted to unionize, they could- 
 +> **Sharp:** Nah. I would just take one. But you'd have to throw him at it really hard. 
 +> **Sharp:** I'm a self-made man. Literally. 
 +> **Internationale:** But don't you recognize the structural biases that have allowed you to pursue your goals at the expense of others? 
 +> **Sharp:** Oh yeah, those. Those are great. I should try to make more of those. 
 +> **Internationale:** I want a new partner. 
 +> **Internationale:** You were involved in the anti-corporate movement when you were younger? 
 +> **Prism:** Sigh. I don't want to talk about it. 
 +> **Internationale:** But we should talk about it! You could have used your fame as a platform for changing public consciousness! 
 +> **Prism:** Wow --- where were you when I was looking for a new agent? My guy just wanted me to take big roles in popular 'vids. Clearly I was misled. 
 +> **Prism:** So what do you do for fun? 
 +> **Internationale:** I enjoy reading. I particularly enjoy early 20th century proletarian novels. Have you read Upton Sinclair? 
 +> **Prism:** Oh, I'm sorry,  you must have misheard. I was asking about 'fun', not.. whatever you were talking about. 
 +> **Prism:** I found this pamphlet slipped under my door. Is it yours? 
 +> **Internationale:** "Corporate Hegemony and the Praxis of Action". A classic! I must have dropped it. You can borrow it if you'd like. 
 +> **Prism:** That's OK. You can have it back. 
 +> **Internationale:** Are you sure? It's really eye-opening! 
 +> **Prism:** I've never been more sure of anything in my life. 
 +> **Internationale:** I really respect what you did for your people back in Dublin. 
 +> **Banks:** Thanks. But anyone would have done the same, given the circumstances. 
 +> **Internationale:** Have you actually talked to any of the other agents? 
 +> **Banks:** Maybe you're right. I *am* something special. 
 +> **Banks:** How do your ear nubbins work? 
 +> **Internationale:** They're synesthetic couplers. They let me hear radio waves, so I can sense equipment from a distance. 
 +> **Banks:** Since the accident I hear things too! Like how angry the floor gets when you walk on it! 
 +> **Internationale:** That sounds... useful. 
 +> **Banks:** Do you know Robin Hood? 
 +> **Internationale:** Of course. It was one of my favourite stories as a girl. 
 +> **Banks:** No, not the story. The person. I could introduce you, if you'd like. I think you'd get along smashingly. 
 +> **Internationale:** Your headaches, are they getting better? 
 +> **Banks:** A bit, I think. But I may just be getting used to them. 
 +> **Internationale:** If there's anything I can do.. 
 +> **Banks:** There isn't. But thank you for your concern. 
 +These can also be found on the [[:lore:banters|agent banters]] page.
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