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On File -- The Information Broker

Age: 46

Derek Mossman learned his trade the hard way, running petty info grafts as an orphan in post-industrial Manchester. Seeking access to the latest technologies, he wiped his own record and enlisted with the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency. He rose quickly through the ranks, joining the elite infiltration group run by Olivia Gladstone. Records after the war's end are spotty at best.

Central's Assessment

Derek was a promising young recruit in the PEIA when the Resource Wars broke out in the 50s. He was my Chief Information Officer during the height of the conflict, and his elite hacking skills have pulled more than a few missions out of the dustbin.
When the war ended the price on his head forced him underground. I had been buying intelligence from “Monst3r” for ages before realizing that it was Derek.


Derek is the Archive version of Monst3r.

Archived -- Credit Monster

Augments: Particle Envelope

Weapons: Neural D.A.R.T.

Items: Transport Beacon

Age: 28

Derek Mossman was a skilled, self-taught hacker who stole and cheated his way out of post-industrial Manchester. His curiosity for exotic technologies far outstripped his means, and he originally joined the PEIA to gain access to the newest toys. Gladstone could see his potential and took him under her wing. Their fortunes at the agency raised together, and when Gladstone took charge she appointed him her second-in-command.
While Derek is a serviceable agent, his true skills lay in logistics. His ability to produce credits and material seemingly out of thin air kept the PEIA fighting strong until the bitter end of the conflict. After the war, he would use those same skills to create one the most extensive private information gathering networks on the planet.

Central's Assessment

Derek puts on an air of self-interest, but he's got more skin in this game than he's willing to admit. He saw the nasty side of corporate power as an orphan back in Manchester, and he's never forgotten it. He's able to put some of those feelings aside for the sake of business, but when the chips are really down he can still be counted upon.
When I was captured, the agency wrote me off. I don't blame them - not many people walk out of a deprogramming chamber the same person they went in as. But Derek kept looking. He tracked down the facility where they were holding me, and was able to remotely hijack a nanofab within. A single neural disrupter in the right hands at the right time can make all the difference in the world.

Data log

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