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 ==== Quotes ==== ==== Quotes ====
-More of Banks' dialogue can be found on the [[:lore:banters|agent banters]] page. 
 At the start of a mission: At the start of a mission:
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   * "Dust to dust."   * "Dust to dust."
 +++++Banters: |  
 +> **Banks:** Did you hear that?
 +> **Decker:** Hear what?
 +> **Banks:** I heard that. That was definitely real.
 +> **Decker:** Okay, I heard it too.
 +> **Banks:** You're not langered, are you?
 +> **Decker:** Of course not. We have a job to do.
 +> **Banks:** So you're completely on the wagon, then?
 +> **Decker:** Woah, hey. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
 +> **Decker:** So you didn't keep *any* of what you stole?
 +> **Banks:** Oh, I kept my belly full, but there were others with greater need.
 +> **Decker:** You think they'd do the same for you?
 +> **Banks:** Some of them. Definitely.
 +> **Decker:** Hey burnout, how many fingers am I holding up?
 +> **Banks:** Don't patronize me. We don't have time for this nonsense.
 +> **Decker:** Three! The answer was three!
 +> **Banks:** This is why nobody likes you.
 +> **Dr. Xu:** Does your injury hurt?
 +> **Banks:** Only when I'm awake. And also in my dreams. Other than that I'm bright as morning.
 +> **Banks:** You've never been bitten by a Daemon?
 +> **Dr. Xu:** No, I'm careful. I use proxies and wave filters to ensure my safety when I'm jacked in.
 +> **Banks:** Where's the fun in that?
 +> **Dr. Xu:** What's the toughest security you've ever cracked?
 +> **Banks:** The one that fried my noggin. Thickest ice you've ever seen. Thirteen nested daemons, each with an amplifier.
 +> **Dr. Xu:** Why did you even attempt that?
 +> **Banks:** I couldn't just leave it there, could I? It was a matter of pride.
 +> **Banks:** Do you think Daemons have souls?
 +> **Dr. Xu:** They're just code. That doesn't even make sense.
 +> **Banks:** I think they do. One of them has mine.
 +> **Internationale:** I really respect what you did for your people back in Dublin.
 +> **Banks:** Thanks. But anyone would have done the same, given the circumstances.
 +> **Internationale:** Have you actually talked to any of the other agents?
 +> **Banks:** Maybe you're right. I *am* something special.
 +> **Banks:** How do your ear nubbins work?
 +> **Internationale:** They're synesthetic couplers. They let me hear radio waves, so I can sense equipment from a distance.
 +> **Banks:** Since the accident I hear things too! Like how angry the floor gets when you walk on it!
 +> **Internationale:** That sounds... useful.
 +> **Banks:** Do you know Robin Hood?
 +> **Internationale:** Of course. It was one of my favourite stories as a girl.
 +> **Banks:** No, not the story. The person. I could introduce you, if you'd like. I think you'd get along smashingly.
 +> **Internationale:** Your headaches, are they getting better?
 +> **Banks:** A bit, I think. But I may just be getting used to them.
 +> **Internationale:** If there's anything I can do..
 +> **Banks:** There isn't. But thank you for your concern.
 +These can also be found on the [[:lore:banters|agent banters]] page.
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