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Agents are characters controlled by the player. You begin the game with a choice of two agents; you can also rescue agents from Detention Center missions, and more agents can join your team for the Research Facility, OMNI Foundry Lab and OMNI Mainframe missions.

With some exceptions, most agents begin with one weapon and possibly another item, most agents begin with one augment plus another empty augment socket, and most agents begin with some skill at level 2 or higher. Some agents have unique weapons, items or augments which are only available when using that agent.

The agency can have up to four agents on the team at once, plus any agents who join for specific missions.

Agent Skill Description
Banks Anarchy 2 Her Custom Paralyzer adds +3 KO time to a knocked-out guard, and her Crypto Computer augment allows her to unlock Lvl1 Security Doors without a passcard.
Archive Banks Anarchy 2 Her Custom Econ Chip can be used at Consoles to gain credits instead of PWR.
Central Anarchy 3 Her Antiviral Proxy augment generates +5 PWR whenever a daemon or algorithm is triggered.
Decker Speed 2 His Modded Cloaking Rig renders him invisible until the start of the next turn, or until he attacks; and his Neural Networking augment allows him to identify daemons on mainframe devices.
Archive Decker Speed 2 His Refurbished Revolver deals lethal damage, but cannot be reloaded; and his Sensory Injector augment gives him +2 AP when he is seen or noticed by a guard.
Derek Contingency Plan DLC icon Hacking 2 His Transport Beacon and Particle Envelope augment allow him to teleport to wherever the beacon is thrown, for 4 PWR.
Dr. Xu His Modded Shock Trap can be placed on doors to knock out guards who walk through them; and his Subdermal Tools allow him to disable mainframe devices and heart monitors.
Archive Dr. Xu His Modded EMP Pack disables mainframe devices and heart monitors; and his Thermal Generator augment generates +2 PWR each turn he uses an item with a cooldown of at least 3 turns.
Draco Contingency Plan DLC icon Strength 2 His Neural Pattern Grid gives him a random bonus when he neurally scans a knocked-out guard, or a random skill upgrade when he neurally scans a dead guard's body. He cannot purchase skill upgrades in the normal way.
Internationale Hacking 2 Her Wireless Emitter augment automatically reveals mainframe devices and Consoles in a range of 6 tiles, and allows her to hijack Consoles in the same radius.
Archive Internationale Hacking 2 Her Network Siphon augment generates PWR equal to 2 times the alarm level each time the alarm level changes.
Monst3r Hacking 3 His Overclocked Neural DART deals KO damage at range, but triggers a random daemon when it is fired; and his Fabricator Multithreading augment gives him a 15% discount on purchases at Nanofabricators.
Nika Her Adrenal Regulator gives her two attacks per turn and +3 AP when she attacks; and her unique Volt Disruptor uses PWR instead of having a cooldown.
Archive Nika Her Discharge Rerouter reduces her items' cooldown timers by 1 turn every time she makes a melee attack.
Olivia Contingency Plan DLC icon Anarchy 2 Her Cry Baby creates noise distractions; and her Ambient Turbine augment generates PWR when she makes melee attacks.
Prism Anarchy 2 Her Refraction Chamber augment generates +1 PWR when a device is hacked, up to twice per turn.
Archive Prism Anarchy 2 Her Holo Projection Mesh allows her to disguise as a guard for 2 PWR per turn, and her Buster Chip I manually breaks 2 firewalls on an adjacent device.
Rush Contingency Plan DLC icon Speed 2 Her Kinetic Capacitor augment gives her +1 KO damage and +1 armor piercing while sprinting, and her Stim I gives her +4 AP when used.
Shalem 11 Strength 2 His Desert Wind deals lethal damage at range, and his Enhanced Optics augment gives him +1 armor piercing to ranged weapons.
Archive Shalem 11 Strength 2 His Hand Cannon deals lethal damage at range, and his Ventricular Lance gives him +1 armor piercing to all weapons for one turn.
Sharp Hacking 2 His Modular Cybernetic Frame gives him 6 augment sockets, and +1 KO damage for every three augments he has installed.
Archive Sharp Hacking 2 His Modular Cybernetic Frame X2 gives him 6 augment sockets, and +1 armor piercing for every three augments he has installed.


These can temporarily join the team for the duration of the mission and are controlled by the player, but aren't formally agents.

Agent Skill Description
Courier 5 AP. Cannot sprint. If shot, dies and cannot be revived with Med Gel. Otherwise default agent traits and abilities.
Prisoner 6 AP. Otherwise default agent traits and abilities.

Contingency Plan DLC icon Found in the Contingency Plan DLC.

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