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This page contains spoilers for the final mission.

OMNI Security Chip

OMNI Security Chip icon
Filled with OMNI security algorithms. Easily the most valuable megabyte and a half of data in the world.

The OMNI Security Chip is a special augment acquired by Monst3r in the OMNI Mainframe mission. It is installed on Monst3r after he finishes hacking the Security Hub, and is required for him to access the Mainframe Lock.

If Monst3r does not have a spare augment socket for the OMNI Security Chip, a new socket is created for it. This happens even if he already has four augments installed. If he has four augments installed and his inventory is full, then the OMNI Security Chip appears on the floor, and due to a bug in the game, it cannot be picked up, leaving the game in an unwinnable state. This bug is fixed by the Sim Constructor mod.

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