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Keep your eye on that AI, will you? The way Gladstone talks to it gives me the creeps. There's a reason you're supposed to reset the damn things every couple of years.

Incognita is a “quantum AI construct”, an artificial intelligence employed by Invisible. She can install and use programs to generate PWR, break firewalls to disable or control mainframe devices, and assist the agency in other ways. In the game's story, Incognita is rescued from Invisible's headquarters on a memory drive with a limited power supply which can only sustain her for 72 hours, motivating the agency to seek a more permanent host for her.

During the game's development, “Incognita” was also a working title for the game itself.

Incognita is voiced by Klei employee Kelly Graham.

Incognita view

The “Access Incognita” button appears in the top left corner of the user interface during missions.



Between missions:

  • “Pattern analysis inconclusive. Please supply additional information and retry.”
  • “Power reserves critical. Entering standby mode.”
  • “Pattern resolution at 50%. Nearing confidence threshold.”
  • “Operator. Your performance in the field has been pleasantly efficient thus far. Please continue to perform at a high level, so that we may complete our mutual goals.”
  • “Target resolved.”
  • “Scanning… Pilot beam origin point detected. Destination coordinates are unknown. Unknowable. Unknowing. Uncaring.”
  • “Power reserve critical. Personality wave collapse imminent.”
  • “Power reserve restored. Wave integrity restored. Operating at 97.65% efficiency.”
  • “Battery power restored.”
  • “My bonnie lies over the ocean. My bonnie lies over the sea. […] Oh bring back my bonnie to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

On mission failure:

  • “Team eliminated. Disengaging security lock.”
  • “Team eliminated. All assets compromised.”
  • “Team eliminated. Shutting down neural sync.”
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