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My name is Olivia Gladstone. I ran the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency, back when sovereign governments were still in fashion. After the war I founded Invisible, Inc., a freelance intelligence agency. We may work for the corps, but only to serve our own ends. We've been gathering intelligence for years, waiting for the opportunity to bring the whole machine crashing down. Unfortunately, they found us first.

Olivia Gladstone, known as Central, is the founder and leader of Invisible.

Central is voiced in the game by actress Veena Sood.


Olivia Gladstone was the highest-ranking officer in the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency before it collapsed at the end of the Resource Wars. Forced into hiding, she re-emerged as the founder and leader of Invisible, Inc. She currently holds the record for highest total corporate bounty ever offered for a single target.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Augment: Antiviral Proxy
Skill: Anarchy 3 or 4
Age: 68
Tagname: The Leader
Hometown: London[1]
Years of service: ??[2]

Central's Antiviral Proxy augment generates +5 PWR whenever a daemon is triggered. She has Anarchy skill level 3 when she is chosen at the start of the game; otherwise, she has Anarchy skill level 4 when she joins the team in the OMNI Mainframe mission.


Olivia Gladstone first joined the PEIA as an agent, long before the outbreak of the open hostilities. Originally an intelligence officer for the British government, she brought a degree of professionalism to the fledgling organization. A brilliant tactician on the field, she quickly gained a reputation for keeping her composure in even the most dire of situations.

Gladstone was captured during a risky solo mission in 2043. While she eventually escaped, her time in captivity left lasting injuries that impaired her field performance. After retraining as an Operator, she proved even more formidable behind the screen. Her mission ranking was unparalleled when the war began, and it was no surprise when she was chosen to lead the PEIA when its founding Director defected.

Olivia is the archive variation of Central. She is a playable agent in the Contingency Plan DLC.

Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Cry Baby
Augment: Ambient Turbine
Skill: Anarchy 2
Age: 50
Tagname: The Center
Hometown: London[3]
Years of service: ??[4]


What can I say? When it comes to covert infosec operations, I know more than any living human being on the planet. This is not boasting; it's an undeniable fact bought with long, hard decades of experience. We could have won the war. I still believe that. But our early efforts were hamstrung by incompetent leadership that refused to accept the severity of the situation. When the Director finally realized how bad it was he defected to the corps. I took over and made it our first priority to recapture him before he gave away too many of our operational secrets. I pulled the trigger myself, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
—Central's assessment of herself as Olivia

Data log

Neither Central nor Olivia have banter with other agents, although some is added in the Additional Banter mod.

Quotes (as Central)

At the start of a mission:

  • “Alright, people. Don't mess this up.”
  • “By the numbers, people. No unnecessary risks.”
  • “Just do the job, and we can all go home.”
  • “Put THIS on your quarterly earnings report.”
  • “Be professional, people.”
  • “Let's do the job we came to do.”

When rescued:

  • “It's about time. What am I paying you for, anyway?”

Final words:

  • “Just do it. I'm not afraid of death.”
  • “Are you watching this, Operator? This is on you.”
  • “I won't be taken alive.”
  • “Operator, don't let Invisible die with me.”

Quotes (as Olivia)

At the start of a mission:

  • “We all know our jobs here. Just follow your training.”
  • “We have a war to win, people. No whinging.”
  • “Strike hard and strike fast. Let's finish this before it starts.”
  • “Don't even give them a chance. They'd do the same to you.”

When rescued:

  • “Get me out of here. Now.”

Final words:

  • “Well played, grunt. I'm sure you'll get a big bonus for this.”
  • “Take your time and aim carefully. I don't want to wake up from this.”
  • “Take a good, long look. You're going to regret this for a long time.”
  • “How much did they buy you for? Was it enough?”
[1], [2], [3], [4] According to the game's source code.
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