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  • 2006: Olivia is born.
  • 2016: Draco is born.
  • 2025: Sharp is born.
  • 2028: Rush and Derek are born.
  • 2032: Xu is born.
  • 2034: Shalem is born.
  • 2036: Decker is born.
  • 2038: Internationale is born.


  • 2042: Nika is born.
  • 2043: Olivia (37), now working for the PEIA as an agent, is captured. She escapes with the help of 15-year-old Derek Mossman, but takes injuries that force her to retrain as an Operator.[1]
  • 2045: Banks and Prism are born. The Pan-European government at this point has a climate AI known as the InCog Systems climate modelling platform.


  • 2051 Derek officially joins the PEIA.[2]
  • 2053: The Resource Wars break out.[3] Rush and Draco join the PEIA.[4]
  • 2055: Xu is a postdoc academic of questionable ethics (Archive Xu). At some point in the preceding years, he created the Thermal Generator augment together with his colleague Sharp (then Alex McTeague).
  • 2057: The Istanbul Run: A failed attempt to assassinate corporate leadership. Draco and Rush are likely captured or killed; Olivia and Derek apparently escape.
  • 2059: Shalem is assisting his mother as a combat medic (Archive Shalem). The San Francisco Accords are signed, ending the Resource Wars, and Sharp advertises its impact on his legal ability to act as an amoral bounty hunter for hire.


  • 2060: The International Worker calls for compromise in the face of the San Franscisco Accords, prompting a sharp response from Internationale.
  • Presumably early 2060s: Invisible is founded.
  • 2062: Sharp is dealing with…technical complications with his augments (Archive Sharp), and Shalem makes the news by assassinating an executive (it's ok, he's licensed).
  • 2064: Decker is terminated from K&O.
  • 2065: Decker is recruited to Invisible. Internationale is being effective at corporate sabotage (Archive Internationale). Xu intrudes into a K&O data warehouse, is arrested, and sentenced to work off the balance of his debt through some kind of highly confidential work.
  • 2066: Shalem is recruited to Invisible. Decker is still collecting memorabilia (Archive Decker).[5]
  • 2067: Prism is employed as a small-time actress trying to break big (Archive Prism). She acquires a holorig that she would use years later, after her public disgrace, to break into corporate facilities.
  • 2068: Banks is helping the people of Dublin Nua (Archive Banks), presumably during the Fall Siege. Sharp is recruited to Invisible.
  • 2069: Nika is employed as a bodyguard (Archive Nika).


  • 2070: Xu gets out of prison. Nika is recruited to Invisible. “The Istanbul Four” is released, starring Esther Martins as Olivia Gladstone.
  • 2071: Xu is recruited to Invisible.
  • 2072: Prism is recruited to Invisible.
  • 2073: Banks is recruited to Invisible.
  • 2074: Invisible HQ is raided by the corporations, resulting in a hectic 3-6 days ending with Incognita taking over.
[1] Note: Due to the likely unintended implications for Derek's age, the date of this event may be a continuity error.
[2] Source: His 'Years of Service' in the game's code
[3] Source: Internationale's datalog
[4] Source: Various mentions of them joining at the start of the war
[5] Note: This makes him the only agent whose Archive version is dated after his recruitment.
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