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An aerial view (presumably through an airborne camera or drone) of the top of a tall cyberpunk building at night, dotted by lights. Nearby there are other massive buildings that disappear downwards. The building in the foreground has prominent aircraft landing pads labelled 1B and 1A and marked with red and blue lights. There are small text overlays displaying information about the observing cam and a large window showing the transcript of spoken communication. An aircraft is in the process of landing on the landing pad and is highlighted by an overlay box.


[Top right] 095867386-0547874894-file/// [A block of code in small font with URL links to Klei support]

[Bottom right] 767548947-94874-0909://HQ:VPN/

[Bottom left] Another block of code with hidden links to Klei support and info pages

Conversation transcript

DISPATCH (21:43:05:08) Maximum response team standing by: Need confirmation from CO-1542A83. Is this the real deal?

CO-1542A83 (21:44:18:03) Information is good DISPATCH. Maximum response authorized. No subjects are required this time. All weapons hot.

DISPATCH (21:44:48:05) Roger that CO-1542A83. Omicron team you are weapons hot.

CO-1542A83 (21:45:12:07) Clear the vermin out, Omicron. Good hunting.

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