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Lockpick 1.0 program icon

Lockpick 1.0 is a simple breaker program which breaks one firewall for a cost of 2 PWR. It has no cooldown, meaning it can be used as often as you want, so long as you have enough PWR. Lockpick can be chosen as a starting program, or bought from some Server Terminals for 300 credits.

Lockpick 2.0

Lockpick 2.0 program icon

Lockpick 2.0 is an upgraded version of Lockpick. It breaks two firewalls for a cost of 3 PWR, and has no cooldown. Lockpick 2.0 can be bought from some Server Terminals for 700 credits.

It is possible to have both Lockpick and Lockpick 2.0 installed at the same time, in separate Incognita program slots.


Lockpick is the first breaker program you are likely to play with, as the other starting programs must be unlocked before they can be chosen. Lockpick is beginner-friendly and can be used in many different playing styles, as it breaks firewalls instantly and has no cooldown or side-effects. However, its cost of 2 PWR per firewall hacked is less efficient than many other breakers.

Lockpick 2.0's average cost of 1.5 PWR per firewall hacked makes it relatively efficient compared to other instant breakers without cooldowns. It can be a good addition to your loadout if you are in need of an instant breaker or a PWR-efficient way of dealing with higher firewalls. However, you will usually not want to sell your starting breaker and rely on Lockpick 2.0 for all of your hacking, since it is less efficient when devices have one firewall (or an odd number of firewalls).

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