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Unlockable Content

Most agents and starting programs must be unlocked before they can be selected at the start of the game. Most of these are unlocked by acquiring XP, which is rewarded for completing missions, depending on the mission difficulty level:

  • Each mission completed at mission difficulty level 1 is worth 100 XP.
  • Each mission completed at mission difficulty level 2 is worth 150 XP.
  • Each mission completed at mission difficulty level 3 or higher is worth 200 XP.

XP is awarded at the end of the game, either after beating the final mission or when the agency is eliminated or retired. XP is awarded both in campaign modes and Endless modes for completed missions, even if the mission objectives are not accomplished.

+XP to unlock Content unlocked
80 New agents: Shalem 11 and Banks
250 New programs: Fusion and Parasite
500 New agents: Dr. Xu and Nika
600 New programs: Rapier and Seed
600 New agents: Sharp and Prism
600 New agents: Archive Decker and Archive Internationale
600 New agents: Archive Shalem 11 and Archive Banks
600 New agents: Archive Dr. Xu and Archive Nika
600 New programs: Dynamo and Mercenary
600 New agents: Archive Sharp and Archive Prism

Additionally, the agents Central and Monst3r and the programs Faust and Brimstone are unlocked when the player completes the game on Experienced difficulty or higher for the first time.

All agents and starting programs added in the Contingency Plan DLC are available when the DLC is installed, without needing to be unlocked.

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