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Wildfire is an active generator program which, when used, generates +5 PWR but also raises the firewalls on all unhacked mainframe devices by 1. It has a cooldown of 1 turn. Wildfire can be bought from some Server Terminals for 400 credits.


Wildfire can generate more PWR per turn than any other generator program. However, the downside of raising firewalls is severe; in practice, Wildfire generates +5 PWR minus the cost of hacking the extra firewalls. Efficient breakers typically hack in the range of 1–1.5 PWR per firewall, so if there are still 3–5 or more devices you want to hack, then Wildfire is not doing much for you. For this reason, Wildfire is usually considered too situational to be a generally good program.

If you do install Wildfire, you will want to save it for late in the mission when there are only a few devices left to hack; in that case, the immediate +5 PWR can be just what you need in an emergency. Once you have hacked everything in the facility, Wildfire generates +5 PWR per turn with no downside. This much PWR lets you go berserk with a Volt Disruptor III or a Flurry Gun with infinite attacks per turn from Stim IV; or you could use it to easily complete the Power Relay Station side-mission.

Wildfire's firewall-raising can be mitigated using EMP Packs or Dr. Xu's Subdermal Tools to loot safes without breaking their firewalls. Wildfire can also be paired with Oracle to hack Security Cameras regardless of their firewalls, and occasionally helps to get devices to the right number of firewalls for a Wrench to be used.

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