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Infinite Combos

An infinite combo is a combination of items, weapons and augments which allows the agency to have or acquire an arbitrarily large quantity of AP, PWR or some resource in one turn.

The augment Reactive Myomer allows an agent to reach arbitrarily high base AP, but is not an infinite “combo” since it is just one augment.

Archive Internationale + Authority

Archive Internationale's Network Siphon augment generates PWR at each alarm level, including every 5 steps on the alarm tracker after alarm level 6. The daemon Authority raises the alarm tracker by 1 step any time a Corporate Safe is accessed, even if nothing is taken from the safe. By repeatedly accessing but not looting the contents of a safe, an arbitrary amount of PWR can be generated from the Network Siphon augment in one turn.

Archive Internationale + Nika + Stim IV

Olivia + Nika's Volt Disruptor + Stim IV

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