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Reactive Myomer

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An advanced chemical solution is injected into micro piston fibers that rapidly amp the users mobility for a short time.

Reactive Myomer is an augment which reduces an agent's base AP by 2, and then raises it by 1 at each alarm level. The AP bonus is uncapped; it continues beyond alarm level 6, allowing the agent to reach arbitrarily high base AP.

Reactive Myomer is found in the Contingency Plan DLC. It is available from some Nanofabricators for 500 credits, or from some Augment Grafters.

If Reactive Myomer is installed during a mission, the agent's base AP is immediately decreased by 2, regardless of the current alarm level; the bonus only applies to alarm level changes which happen while Reactive Myomer is installed. Reactive Myomer is the “opposite” of Gel Injectors; if both are installed on the same agent, the combined effect of both augments is +1 base AP, with the alarm level penalty and bonus cancelling out. It is not possible to install Reactive Myomer more than once on the same agent.

Reactive Myomer's name is misspelled in the game as “Reactive Moyomer”.


Reactive Myomer is considered to be a generally good augment, though a more situational one than other “good” augments. The main benefit of Reactive Myomer is to reduce the chance of failure; it gives you extra AP when the alarm level is high, which is when the extra AP is most likely to be the difference between life and death.

On the other hand, if the alarm level is not raised for other reasons, then it takes 15 turns before Reactive Myomer actually has a positive effect, and 25 turns before it has given you more AP than it takes away in total. While Reactive Myomer can save your agent's life in bad situations, the loss of early AP for exploration can make those bad situations more likely to occur in the first place. Reactive Myomer also only helps in bad situations if the agent who has it installed is still standing.

Because Reactive Myomer's bonus is uncapped, it is practically a one-augment infinite combo. Reactive Myomer can be used to cheese missions by finding somewhere safe to hide at alarm level 6, and then passing many turns until you have enough AP to clear out the facility in one turn, even if another lethally-wounded agent must be dragged to the exit. It helps to have good information about the guard's movements, such as by TAGging them all or by hacking all of the Security Cameras, so that you can move between hiding places when necessary.

Reactive Myomer is especially powerful in Expert+++ mode, or any other challenge mode where the alarm tracker rises faster than usual. Reactive Myomer may be at its worst in late Endless mode, where a well-equipped team can beat most missions in just a few turns.

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