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TAG Pistol

TAG Pistol icon
Launches an undetectable microdrone that continuously transmits geolocational telemetry to a central server via quantum entanglement.

A TAG Pistol is a ranged weapon which TAGs the target instead of dealing damage. It costs 1 PWR to use, has no cooldown, and does not use ammo, but does use the agent's attack. TAG Pistols can be bought from some Nanofabricators for 300 credits.

TAG Pistols ignore armor, and can target any guard who is not already TAGged, including civilians and drones, except for drones which are currently controlled by the agency. The TAG Pistol can also be used by an agent on overwatch, in which case the agent shoots the first valid target they see during the enemy turn, if any, unless there is not enough PWR to use it.

Guards TAGged by a TAG Pistol remain TAGged even if the TAG Pistol is sold during the mission.

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