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World Map

The world map screen.

The world map is shown in the game when the player is not currently in a mission. It shows the following information:

  • The number of in-game hours remaining.
  • The number of in-game days since the start of the game.
  • The number of credits belonging to the agency.
  • The agency's “net worth” — the total value of all agency assets.
  • The mission type, corporation, mission difficulty and travel time for each available infiltration target.
  • The current location of Invisible's stealth jet.

The player can take the following actions from the world map:

  • View information about a possible infiltration target.
  • Infiltrate a target to begin a mission there.
  • Open the Upgrade Agents screen.
  • Read or delete previously-acquired datalogs.
  • Open the game menu to save and exit the game, or change settings.

Hours remaining

The number of “hours remaining” shown on the world map screen is the number of in-game hours before either the Research Facility mission in the extended campaign, or otherwise the OMNI Mainframe mission. These hours are “used up” when you travel to a mission; it is also possible to travel to a mission when the journey time is more than the number of hours remaining, in which case the hours remaining are reduced to 0.

In addition to the number of in-game hours remaining, the world map screen also shows a real-time clock, but this is purely cosmetic — the in-game hours remaining only change when you travel to a mission.

Upgrade Agents

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