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Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan is a DLC expansion for Invisible, Inc. which adds more content and gameplay mechanics to the base game, including special missions, guards, security measures and side missions, as well as additional agents, items, augments, programs and daemons.

The Contingency Plan DLC is available either separately or as a bundle with the base game for Windows, OS X and Linux; it is also included in the PlayStation 4 Console edition and the Nintendo Switch edition of the game, but is not available for the iPad edition.

Additional content

The Contingency Plan DLC adds the following content to the game:

All Contingency Plan DLC content is available without needing to be unlocked, except for the datalogs which are unlocked by completing Data Banks side-missions.

Other pages on this wiki use the icon Contingency Plan DLC icon to indicate Contingency Plan DLC content.

Extended campaign

Additional Endless content

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