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Thermal Generator

Thermal Generator icon
Thermal Generator was a joint project between Dr. Xu and his colleague Alex McTeague. A very early design, it is still comparable to the cutting edge of current augment technology.

Thermal Generator is a unique augment belonging to Archive Dr. Xu, which generates +2 PWR each turn when he uses any item or weapon with a cooldown of at least 3 turns. The PWR bonus is applied when he uses the item or weapon, at most once per turn.

Thermal Generator's bonus can be triggered when Archive Dr. Xu uses a weapon on ambush or overwatch during the enemy turn. In this case, the bonus cannot also be triggered on the next player turn.

Thermal Generator does not give a bonus when Archive Dr. Xu uses an item or weapon with a cooldown shorter than 3 turns, or one with no cooldown. If Archive Dr. Xu also has Torque Injectors installed, then Thermal Generator only gives a bonus when he uses an item or weapon with a nominal cooldown of at least 4 turns.

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