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Torque Injectors

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The hand is a versatile but an inefficient design. By restricting certain axes of motion, we are able to improve the speed and efficiency of others.

Torque Injectors is an augment which reduces the cooldowns of items (including weapons) the agent uses by 1 turn, down to a minimum of 1. It is not possible to install multiple instances of Torque Injectors on the same agent.

Torque Injectors is available from some Nanofabricators for 300 credits, or from some Augment Grafters.

The effect of Torque Injectors is applied when the agent uses an item with a cooldown; that item's cooldown timer is set to the nominal cooldown time minus 1. Torque Injectors does not change any property of the item itself, so the same item given to an agent without Torque Injectors will still have the full nominal cooldown time. Torque Injectors has no effect on items with a cooldown of 1 turn, nor on items with no cooldown.

Torque Injectors does not affect cooldown of deployable items (life, for example, Portable Servers).


Torque Injectors is considered to be one of the best augments in the game. There are many good items which become even better when you can use them more frequently; if you would otherwise be waiting for them to cool down, then Torque Injectors can save whole turns for at least the agent who installs it, allowing the mission to be finished sooner, and before higher alarm levels.

Torque Injectors gives the most benefit to an agent with a high Strength skill who can carry many items; to maximise the benefit, the agent should mainly or only carry items with cooldowns. Single-use items, and weapons which use ammo, can be given to other agents to free up space for more items which benefit from Torque Injectors.

The benefit is greater for items with shorter nominal cooldowns; with Torque Injectors installed, Stim III can be used every 3 turns (33% more often), Buster Chip III can be used every 2 turns (50% more often), and Accelerator Chips can be used every turn (twice as often). Torque Injectors is particularly useful with an Econ Chip, especially Banks' Custom Econ Chip.

The fact that Torque Injectors exists is reason enough to avoid installing lower-value augments such as Skeletal Suspension or Titanium Rods too early in a campaign — augment sockets are limited, so it is often better to have a spare socket available in case you find Torque Injectors later.

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