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Accelerator Chips

Accelerator Chip icon
It is possible to increase a console's uplink potential by optimizing its process tree and emptying its recycling bin.

Accelerator Chips are items which increase the amount of PWR generated when hijacking a Console. The extra PWR generated using an Accelerator Chip is in addition to any bonus from the agent's Hacking skill. There are three “tiers” of Accelerator Chip; each type has an Anarchy skill level requirement for the agent to use them.

To use an Accelerator Chip, the agent carrying it must stand on a tile adjacent to the Console — Internationale's Wireless Emitter cannot be used in combination with an Accelerator Chip. It is not possible to use more than one Accelerator Chip when hijacking the same Console.

Console bonus Cooldown Skill required Availability
Accelerator Chip I +1 PWR 2 turns Anarchy 2 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 300 credits.
Steal from a Null Drone.
Rare loot from a Corporate Safe.
Accelerator Chip II +2 PWR 2 turns Anarchy 3 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 550 credits.
Rare steal from a Null Drone.
Accelerator Chip III +4 PWR 2 turns Anarchy 4 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 800 credits.
Loot from a Security Dispatch.
Rare steal from a Null Drone.
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