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Cloaking Rigs

Cloaking Rig icon
Cloaking rigs use an array of holographic projectors to bend light around a small area, rendering it almost invisible. The projectors overheat quickly, however, limiting their utility.

Cloaking Rigs are items which render an agent invisible temporarily. There are three “tiers” of Cloaking Rig; each type has a Speed skill level requirement for the agent to use them.

Agents always become uncloaked when making an attack; this includes using Dr. Xu's Subdermal Tools. However, the agent does not become uncloaked by dropping the Cloaking Rig or passing it to another agent. An agent can use a Cloaking Rig while they are already cloaked, to extend the cloaking duration.

Cloak duration Cooldown Skill required Availability
Cloaking Rig I 4 AP of movement 10 turns Speed 2 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 400 credits.
Rare loot from a Corporate Safe.
Cloaking Rig II 1 turn 8 turns Speed 3 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 700 credits.
Cloaking Rig III 2 turns 8 turns Speed 4 Buy from a Nanofabricator for 850 credits.
Loot from a Security Dispatch.
Rare steal from a Spec Ops.
Modded Cloaking Rig 1 turn 8 turns Speed 2 Unique to Decker.

When using a Cloaking Rig I, the user interface shows the range of movement in which the agent can remain cloaked; if the agent ends their turn without using the full 4 AP of cloaked movement, then they remain cloaked until the beginning of the next player turn.

Modded Cloaking Rig

Decker managed to sneak this rig out of the building the day he was fired from his last corporate job.

Decker's Modded Cloaking Rig is a unique item. It is equivalent to a Cloaking Rig II, except it can be used by an agent with Speed skill level 2; its resale value is 200 credits.

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