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I found Decker living in a bottle after his termination. He's cleaned up since then, but I keep eyes on him, just to be sure. The 20th century thing is an unfortunate affectation, but I'm not paying him for his fashion sense.

Brian Decker, known as Decker, is an agent employed by Invisible. He can be selected at the start of the game in either his on-file or archive variation.


Decker affects a persona from a bygone era as an act of protest against a world gone mad for technology. Quick on his feet and with his fists, rumour has it that he's packing more augmentations than he's willing to admit. He was chief of security for K&O's California branch until an escalating love affair with the bottle chased him out of the Corporate world.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Modded Cloaking Rig
Augment: Neural Networking
Skill: Speed 2
Age: 38
Tagname: Ex Corporate Security
Hometown: Los Angeles[1]
Years of service: 9[2]


Before being shunned out of the executive ranks of the Corporate world, Decker used his significant salary to track down and acquire antiques from decades past. To believe the rumours, his nostalgia was so strong that he even made some ludicrously expensive modifications to keep some antiques usable in the modern age.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Refurbished Revolver
Augment: Sensory Injector
Skill: Speed 2
Age: 30
Tagname: The Collector


Some of Decker's back-story is described in his datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “No resistance at the entry point. Amateurs.”
  • “Let's get this over with. I need a drink.”
  • “All of these places start to look the same after a while.”
  • “I'm getting too old for this crap.”
  • “I wonder who does their security. They aren't doing a very good job so far.”
  • “We're in the building. This shouldn't take too long.”
  • “We wouldn't have got in so easy if I were running this joint.”

When rescued:

  • “Back on the job.”

Final words:

  • “I'm tired of this crap, anyway.”
  • “Well played. You got me dead to rights.”
  • “Well, damn it.”
  • “Can I have one last swig, first?”


These can also be found on the agent banters page.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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