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Data Banks side mission

A Data Bank in the wild.
Interesting, they have a lot of on-site data banks here. Might be worth a search.

Data Banks side missions can occur as an optional secondary objective in typical missions. The objective of a Data Banks side mission is to find and hack all three Data Banks; the reward for completing the side mission is a Data Card, which unlocks a datalog and is worth credits.

Data Banks should not be confused with Research Databanks, which have a similar name but are unrelated.

Data Banks are only available when playing with Contingency Plan DLC.

Data Banks

Internationale hacking a Data Bank. Notice that one bar is filled.
From that sample data packet, traces of Invisible came up. If we've got time, wiping us from all of these drives might be a wise choice. We may even recover some of our stolen archives.

A Data Bank is a mainframe device, three of which occur in each Data Banks side mission. To complete the side objective, all three Data Banks must be located and scrubbed. To scrub a Data Bank, Incognita must first capture it, and then an agent on adjacent tile must hack it, which will take 3 turns. When it is being scrubbed, the hologram above the bank will have 3 bars; these bars represent the current scrub progress.

Data Card

Data Card icon
Scraped from a corporate server as it was wiped, this is a little piece of data that belonged to Invisible, Inc. before the raid.

After the final Data Bank has been scrubbed, it will drop a Data Card. Data Card is a valuable that will yield 500 credits and a random datalog upon completing the mission. Alternatively, Data Cards can be sold at nanofabricators for 500 credits, but it will not unlock a data log. All data logs will be permanently saved.

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