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Internationale is one of the best all-round operatives I've ever seen, but she's held back by an unfortunate abundance of social concern. If used correctly, she's the bedrock upon which you can build a winning team; just don't ask her about the plight of the global proletariat.

Maria Valdes, known as Internationale, is an agent employed by Invisible. She can be selected at the start of the game in either her on-file or archive variation.


An ex-airborne scout in the Free Cuban Army, Valdes went underground after the re-annexation of Havana. Several years of freelance action against Corporate interests led to a considerable bounty on her head, and she joined Invisible for the chance to pay it off. Her tactical prowess is legendary, but her conscience can be a liability on and off the field.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Augment: Wireless Emitter
Skill: Hacking 2
Age: 36
Tagname: Freedom Fighter
Hometown: Havana[1]
Years of service: 8[2]


During her work as a freelancer in the years following Havana's re-annexation and the San Francisco Accord, Internationale became a legend in the anti-Corporate underground. According to classified documents, she once cost Sankaku over 50 million credits in a single week of subversion and sabotage.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor
Augment: Network Siphon
Skill: Hacking 2
Age: 27
Tagname: Freelancer


Some of Internationale's back-story is described in her datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “Take what you can. They won't miss it.”
  • “Each according to their means!”
  • “Time to strike one for the good guys!”
  • “Can we do this without collateral damage, maybe?”
  • “These corporate pigs make me sick.”
  • “Remember, the guards are just doing their job.”
  • “Look around. All of this is built on the backs of average working people.”

When rescued:

  • “They won't even know until we're gone.”

Final words:

  • “Arise, ye wretched of the earth!”
  • “I have but the feeble strength of one.”
  • “A new world will be born from the ashes of the old!”
  • “Can't you see? The bosses keep us apart!”


These can also be found on the agent banters page.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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