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Detention Center

Detention Center mission preview
Detention Centers hold high-value human assets for interrogation and deprogramming. There may be intercepted Invisible agents on-site.

Detention Centers are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of a Detention Center mission is to find the detention block and rescue either a detained agent or a high-value Prisoner. If the detainee is an agent, the reward for rescuing them is having that additional agent in your team; if the detainee is a Prisoner, the reward for rescuing him is credits.

If an agent has previously been lost in the field, then that agent will be the detainee in the next Detention Center mission. Otherwise there are equal chances of finding either a new agent or a Prisoner, unless there are already four agents in the player's team, in which case the detainee is always a Prisoner.

Unlike other types of mission, there is no specific security response upon completing the objective of a Detention Center mission.

Cell Door Console

A Cell Door Console is a mainframe device found in a Detention Center objective room. When it is hacked and accessed, it opens the cell doors, releasing the detainee; the detainee then immediately becomes controllable by the player.

Rescuable agent

Incognita has detected an agent currently logged as MIA. They would be an incredible asset if you can get them back on the team.


Incognita has scanned his identity — he has wealthy benefactors. It may be worth our while to help him.
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