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Program Compile side-mission

You've located a Sterile Compile room. Must be some powerful software being designed here. We'll need to find a compile code. Look for a lab technician, they will be the likely target.

Program Compile side-missions can occur as optional secondary objectives in typical missions. The objective of a Program Compile side-mission is to steal the Compile Key from the Scientist, use it at the Research Databank, and then wait for it to compile. The reward for completing the side-mission is the opportunity to install a random program.


Incognita has IDed that technician there. He's one of the top of his field. He might have info we can use.

Compile Key

Compile Key icon
A physical security feature to help stop network theft. Good thing Neural Disruptors are all physical.

A Compile Key is a single-use item which can be stolen from the Scientist in a Program Compile side-mission. It can be used to access the Research Databank to compile a random program, or sold for 150 credits.

Unlike some other special items, a Compile Key can be kept after the end of the mission, in which case it can be sold to Monst3r or used in another Program Compile side-mission.

Research Databank

A Research Databank.
That's got it. The code has started compiling, let's hope it doesn't take too long to finish.

A Research Databank is a mainframe device which occurs in a Program Compile side-mission.

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