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Program Compile side-mission

You've located a Sterile Compile room. Must be some powerful software being designed here. We'll need to find a compile code. Look for a lab technician, they will be the likely target.

Program Compile side-missions can occur as optional secondary objectives in typical missions. The objective of a Program Compile side-mission is to steal the Compile Key from the Scientist, use it at the Research Databank, and then wait for it to compile. The reward for completing the side-mission is the opportunity to install a random program.


Incognita has IDed that technician there. He's one of the top of his field. He might have info we can use.

Scientist is a civilian that can appear anywhere in facility. He will be going towards the research databank. Once he reaches the research databank, he will lock the room and it won't be able to be accessed, so it must be found before he gets in. If he spots agents, he will scream and run towards exit, escaping from level. He will always have a compile key, and will have a small chance to either have MicroSLAM apparatus, Carbon Myomer, Skeletal Suspension or Torque Injectors alongside the compile key. If agent has anarchy 5, a Portable Server I or Stim I can also be taken from him. There is a bug where at the start of the mission, he will appear as a red ghost, effectively revealing his location.

Compile Key

Compile Key icon
A physical security feature to help stop network theft. Good thing Neural Disruptors are all physical.

A Compile Key is a single-use item which can be stolen from the Scientist in a Program Compile side-mission. It can be used to access the Research Databank to compile a random program, or sold for 150 credits.

Unlike some other special items, a Compile Key can be kept after the end of the mission, in which case it can be sold to Monst3r or used in another Program Compile side-mission.

Research Databank

A Research Databank.
That's got it. The code has started compiling, let's hope it doesn't take too long to finish.

A Research Databank is a mainframe device which occurs in a Program Compile side-mission. It appears in an unique room consisting of a long hallway leading to a small room that contains the research databank itself. The research databank cannot be used without compile key. To use it, Incognita must first capture it, and then an agent with compile key must insert it. After compile key has been inserted, it will start a compile process. The compiling will take 6 turns. After compiling has finished, it will give one random Incognita program which can be installed. Existing programs can also be moved into research databank.

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