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Rogue is a utility program which reveals an unrevealed Corporate Safe, for a cost of 2 PWR. It has a cooldown of 2 turns. Rogue can be bought from some Server Terminals for 300 credits.


It is difficult to justify spending a program slot on Rogue, since it becomes useless once most of the facility is explored, which often happens soon enough that it often can only be used once to twice per mission in a useful way. In addition, corporate safes are generally not the things you first need to find in a mission. Rogue suffers particularly when compared with Oracle, which locates a more critical early-mission device, hacks it, and does not have a cooldown.

Since corporate safes tend to be bunched together, using Rogue on turn 1 can give you a fuzzy idea of where to send Dr. Xu or an agent carrying an EMP Pack, as those items and augments are best used on large groups of safes. If a faraway safe is revealed, this can also give you an idea of which direction most of the facility is in.

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