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The Cooker bypasses even thicker armor by adding a negative counter-charge to the standard plasma bolt.

A Cooker is a lethal ranged weapon with armor piercing 1, and no cooldown to use. It uses ammo, with an ammo capacity of 1; it can be reloaded using a Charge Pack.

Cookers can be bought from some Nanofabricators for 700 credits.

Desert Wind

Shalem's personal rifle, which he used to great effect during his career as a licensed assassin.

The Desert Wind is a unique weapon belonging to Shalem 11; it is equivalent to a Cooker, except it has a higher ammo capacity of 2. Combined with Shalem 11's Enhanced Optics augment, the Desert Wind has an effective armor piercing of 2. Its resale value is 300 credits.

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