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Charge Pack

Charge Pack icon
Weapons capable of penetrating corporate armor require expensive and unstable energy packs.

A Charge Pack is a single-use item which can be used to fully reload a weapon which uses ammo, to reduce the cooldown timer of another item by 2 turns, or to replenish the charge of a “tier IV” item from the Contingency Plan DLC. To use a Charge Pack, select the weapon or item you want to recharge in the agent's inventory, and select “reload” or “recharge”. Agents can use Charge Packs only on weapons or items in their own inventory.

Charge Packs can be bought from any Nanofabricator for 400 credits, or stolen from some guards. An agent with Anarchy 5 has a greater chance to steal a Charge Pack from a guard. A Charge Pack can be sold for 200 credits.

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