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Shalem 11

Shalem is good at covering his tracks. I don't usually employ people I don't understand, but his skillset was too useful to pass up. He's obviously using us as a means to some personal end — we'll see who shows their hand first.

Raymond Malik, known as Shalem 11, is an agent employed by Invisible. He can be selected at the start of the game in either his on-file or archive variation.


Shalem was a licensed assassin with a perfect record and an ego to match. He specialized as a sharpshooter, and would track targets for months, patiently waiting for the perfect shot. Enjoying almost celebrity status, he was able to finance a lavish lifestyle from his contracts. Why he turned away from a life of fame and riches to work for Invisible is an open question.
Inventory Desert Wind
Salvaged Disruptor
Augment Enhanced Optics
Skill Strength 2
Age 40
Tagname Licensed Assassin
Hometown Beirut[1]
Years of


Shalem's mother was a conscript surgeon during the opening years of the Resource Wars. When she lost the use of her right hand in a mortar attack, she trained young Shalem to wield her scalpel for her. While his true passion lies in ending life, he still remembers how to preserve it.
Inventory Neural Disruptor
Hand Cannon
Ventricular Lance
Skill Strength 2
Age 25
Tagname Combat Medic


Some of Shalem 11's backstory is described in his datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “In position. Now make this quick.”
  • “Let me deal with any opposition.”
  • “Why must these missions always be indoors?”
  • “Covering the sightlines.”
  • “Best not dirty my suit.”
  • “Damn - tight corners. I'd prefer a bit more room to maneuver.”
  • “No contacts on the roof. Proceeding to target.”

When rescued:

  • “Guess that means break time is over.”

Final words:

  • “I should have stayed independent.”
  • “This is why I prefer to work alone.”
  • “A gun. Is that supposed to be irony? Ha.”
  • “Do me a favour aim for the heart. I want to leave a good looking corpse.”


These can also be found on the agent banters page.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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