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Lvl1 Security Passcard

Lvl1 Security Passcard icon
Corporate employees are issued security passcards to track and control their movement throughout all company facilities. They also provide a discount at the cafeteria.

A Lvl1 Security Passcard is a special item which allows an agent carrying it to unlock Lvl1 Security Doors. It can be stolen from some human guards; every facility has at least one human guard to steal one from.[1] They can never be stolen from drones, or from human guards who are not present at the start of the mission.

Lvl1 Security Passcards are not consumed when used, and have no cooldown. They cannot be kept between missions, or sold; if carried out of a mission, it will simply disappear from the agent's inventory. Lvl1 Security Passcards can also be used by a rescued Courier or Prisoner.

Guards cannot open Lvl1 Security Doors, even when they are carrying a Lvl1 Security Passcard. Despite the name “level 1”, there are no “level 2” doors or passcards.

[1] This is not completely true; due to an oversight in the game, in Sankaku facilities with only Lvl 2 Elite class guards, there is a small probability of not spawning any human guards.
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