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Nanofab Vestibule

Nanofab Vestibule mission preview
Most nanofabs have advanced security protocols to prevent unlicensed fabrications. The fabricator at this location has been compromised, so we will be able to construct a wider range of items.

Nanofab Vestibules are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of a Nanofab Vestibule mission is to find and access the unlocked Nanofabricator, which offers the opportunity to buy and sell items, weapons and augments.

The Nanofab Vestibule objective room is not protected by any specific security measures. There are three prefab Nanofab Vestibule layouts:

The Nanofab Vestibule mission objective is optional; if you find the exit room and try to leave without accessing the unlocked Nanofabricator, you will be warned by a dialog box, but this only asks you to confirm that you want to leave.

Unlocked Nanofabricator

Do you think we have too many credits? Rectify that problem at this nanofab.

The unlocked Nanofabricator is found in the objective room of a Nanofab Vestibule mission. After it is hacked, it can be accessed by an agent on an adjacent tile to buy and sell items, weapons and augments. The unlocked Nanofabricator has the same range of potentially available items to purchase as the basic type of Nanofabricator, but has a larger selection to choose from.

Accessing the unlocked Nanofabricator triggers the corporation's security response.

Security response

Head office is catching on to us. Several devices have been remotely rebooted — I hope we don't run out of PWR.

After the unlocked Nanofabricator is accessed for the first time in the mission, three random hacked mainframe devices are rebooted and recaptured. The recaptured devices reboot for 1 turn, and then return to the enemy's control with 1 firewall each.

The unlocked Nanofabricator itself may be one of the devices recaptured. Some devices — drones, Barrier Guards and OMNI Protectors — are specifically exempt from being rebooted or recaptured. If there are fewer than three devices eligible to be recaptured, then fewer than three devices are recaptured.

The security response is triggered when the Nanofabricator dialog is closed after accessing it, even if no items were bought or sold. The security response is triggered at most once in the mission; accessing the unlocked Nanofabricator again does not cause more devices to be recaptured.

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