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OMNI Protector

OMNI Protector portrait

OMNI Protectors are armed guards who appear in OMNI facilities, and can appear in other facilities at mission difficulty 6 and higher (or 5 and higher in Expert Plus mode). OMNI Protectors are human guards, but they are also mainframe devices with firewalls which determine their armor and AP.

Class OMNI
Movement X + 6 AP
Base firewalls 8, or 6 in Beginner mode
Weapon Lethal damage
Armor X
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Heart Monitor
Mainframe Attunement
Loot when stealing 80 credits
Loot when expert stealing

Mainframe Attunement

The Mainframe Attunement ability gives OMNI Protectors a number of AP equal to their firewalls plus 6. Their firewalls can be hacked to reduce their AP; their AP is 6 when they are fully hacked, or while they are rebooting.

If an OMNI Protector is initially patrolling, then the length of his patrol route is equal to his AP at the start of the mission, except in Beginner mode or otherwise when playing with “safe patrols” as a Custom difficulty setting. Likewise, if an OMNI Protector's patrol route changes due to the security response in an Executive Terminals mission or at alarm level 1 in the advanced alarm stages, then the length of his new patrol route will equal his AP at the time the new route is assigned.

When an OMNI Protector wakes up after being knocked out, or when he finishes rebooting, his firewalls are reset to their base level, which may be higher than their original level at the start of the mission due to the effects of alarm level changes and daemons.

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