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Server Farm

Server Farm mission preview
Server farms are used to develop new network security technologies. We may find code that we can use to improve our infiltration routines.

Server Farms are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of a Server Farm mission is to find and access the Primary Server Terminal, which gives the opportunity to buy and sell programs for Incognita.

Primary Server Terminal

There's the server terminal. We should be able to contact the black market software dealer through it.

The Primary Server Terminal is a mainframe device that appears in the Executive Terminals mission objective room. When hacked, it can be accessed and used to buy and sell programs. The Primary Server Terminal, compared to Secondary Server Terminals, offers 10 programs for sale instead of 2.

In addition, some programs can only be bought at Primary Server Terminals.

When the Primary Server Terminal is accessed for the first time, regardless of whether any programs were bought or sold, the corporation's Security Response is triggered.

Security response

New daemons came online the second the connection dropped. I knew we couldn't trust that damned cat!

New daemons appear on a few randomly selected unhacked mainframe devices.

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