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Predictive Brawling

Predictive Brawling icon
P.B. gives full control of the somatic muscles and sensorium to an advanced combat AI. The host consciousness is kept distracted with a combination of soothing nature scenes and chamber music.

Predictive Brawling is an augment which gives the agent +6 AP each time they make a melee melee attack. It is not possible to install multiple instances of Predictive Brawling on the same agent.

Predictive Brawling is available from some Nanofabricators for 300 credits, or from some Augment Grafters.

When an agent with Predictive Brawling ambushes a guard during the enemy turn, the bonus is applied at the start of the next player turn. Predictive Brawling's bonus also applies when making a melee attack against a guard who is already knocked out.


Predictive Brawling is considered to be a very good augment. Extra AP is valuable, and Predictive Brawling's +6 AP is as much as a Stim II except it can be triggered more frequently.

Predictive Brawling goes particularly well on Nika, who has two attacks per turn and a Volt Disruptor with no cooldown. Predictive Brawling combined with Nika's Adrenal Regulator augment gives her +9 AP per melee attack.

Even with Predictive Brawling installed, it is still usually best to evade or distract guards, rather than knock them out, because knocked-out guards wake up alerted. Attacking guards who are already knocked out can be a useful way to gain AP without having to pin more guards or let them wake up. However, be aware that Neural Disruptors and Thermal Disruptors are more useful when they are not on cooldown.

Predictive Brawling is a little less valuable in Expert Plus mode, where guards' heart monitors add an extra pentalty for knocking them out.

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