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Alarm Tracker

The alarm tracker shows the current alarm level, and the number of steps to the next alarm level.
The corporation detected Incognita's signal when your agents teleported into the facility. Every turn, the security level will increase as they track her. New security measures are added every 5 increments.

The alarm tracker shows the current alarm level (also called the “security level”), and tracks the progress towards the next alarm level. The alarm tracker rises by one step at the end of each enemy turn, and on some other events such as when a guard becomes alerted by seeing an agent. The alarm level rises for every five steps on the alarm tracker, triggering a security measure; higher alarm levels are associated with more dangerous security measures.

The alarm level starts at 0, and the maximum alarm level is 6. Once alarm level 6 is reached, the alarm tracker will no longer visibly update on the screen, but the alarm itself continues to rise as normal, and some effects which trigger at each alarm level will continue to be triggered every five steps.

The alarm tracker is shown in the top-right corner of the game's user interface during missions.

Alarm stages

A security measure is triggered at each alarm level, generally with more dangerous security measures at higher alarm levels. There are three sets of alarm stages which can apply:

  • “Easy” alarm stages apply on Beginner mode, or otherwise with “easy” alarm stages as a custom difficulty setting.
  • “Normal” alarm stages apply on other game difficulty settings.
  • “Advanced” alarm stages apply starting from the OMNI Foundry Lab mission in the extended campaign.

The table below shows the security measures in each set of alarm stages:

Alarm level Easy Normal Advanced
1 New cameras activate Patrols change
2 New cameras activate Firewalls increase +1 Guard armor increases
3 Firewalls increase +1 Additional guard patrol Firewalls increase +2
4 Additional guard patrol Additional guard patrol Resuscitation protocol
5 Additional Enforcer, all guards alerted, one agent located
6 Two additional Enforcers, two agents located

These security measures are further explained below.

Alarm level security measures

New cameras activate

On alarm level 1 in the “normal” alarm stages, or alarm level 2 in the “easy” alarm stages, three previously inactive Security Cameras are activated. These cameras are initially rebooting for one turn, before becoming fully active, and can be hacked while rebooting.

Firewalls increase

On alarm level 2 in the “normal” alarm stages, or alarm level 3 in the “easy” alarm stages, the firewalls of all unhacked mainframe devices are raised by 1. In the “advanced” alarm stages, firewalls are raised by 2 at alarm level 3. This affects all unhacked devices, including those which are currently rebooting.

This effect raises the devices' “base firewalls”, meaning that in addition to raising the current firewall level immediately, it also raises the number of firewalls that a drone, Barrier Guard or OMNI Protector will have when their firewalls are reset after waking up.

Additional guard patrol

An additional Security Guard will appear at one of the guard elevators. The new guard will go to investigate a random tile, and will then patrol starting from that tile. In Sankaku missions, the additional guard may be an Obake Drone v1.0. In OMNI missions, the additional guard will be an OMNI Harbinger, OMNI Protector or OMNI Soldier.

Additional Security Guards do not carry any credits, but may carry a Med Gel or Charge Pack that can be stolen.

Patrols change

Guard armor increases

Resuscitation protocol

All guards alerted

Agents located

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