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Sensory Injector

Sensory Injector icon
Many a guard have caught a glimpse of Decker. None have caught him.

Sensory Injector is a unique augment belonging to Archive Decker, which gives him +2 AP whenever he is seen or noticed by a guard. The AP bonus applies for each distinct guard Archive Decker is seen or noticed by in the same turn, including civilians and drones, with no upper limit.

Sensory Injector does not give a bonus when Archive Decker is seen by a Security Camera or Turret, or a drone under the agency's control. Sensory Injector also does not give a bonus when Archive Decker moves into a guard's vision or peripheral vision while cloaked. However, the bonus does apply when a guard notices Archive Decker opening or closing a door, even if the guard doesn't see or notice Archive Decker himself, and even while he is cloaked.

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