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Agents can drag the bodies of knocked-out or lethally-wounded human guards or other agents, carrying the body with them as they move. An agent can carry at most one body, and there is a movement penalty while dragging a body, so the agent cannot move as far with their AP. When dragging a body, the AP of the agent is shown as the distance they can travel while dragging that body. Drones cannot be dragged at all.

To start dragging a body, the agent must stand on the same tile. To stop dragging, the agent must be on a tile where there is not already another body.

An agent cannot open or close doors or perform most other actions while dragging. An agent can pick up items from the ground (for example, Hologram Projector) while dragging.

Dragged bodies are always pinned and so their KO timer will never decrease while being dragged.

Drag speed

The movement penalty suffered when dragging determined by the dragging agent's drag speed. Agents have a drag speed of 0 with a Strength skill of 1, and gain one point of drag speed at Strength levels 2 and 4. The Skeletal Suspension augment provides an additional point of drag speed if installed.

Agents get a +2 bonus to drag speed when dragging other agents.

Drag Speed AP cost to move 1 orthogonal tile
0 3
1 2.5
2 2
3 and up 1.5
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