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Captain portrait

Captains are armed guards who occur in the objective rooms in some types of mission:

  • All Detention Centers have a Captain, who is always initially stationary in the Detention Block. Due to a bug in the game, if he investigates a distraction and returns to his assigned tile, he will remain facing in the direction he walked to return there.
  • A Captain occurs randomly in 25% of Security Dispatch missions, whenever there is a Courier rescue side-mission. If present, he initially patrols in and out of the interrogation room.
  • A Captain occurs in one of the three possible prefab Vault rooms. If present, he initially patrols between two fixed patrol points.

Captains do not occur in other mission types. When a Captain does occur, he is in addition to the number of guards normally present.

Movement 8 AP
Weapon Lethal damage
Vision 8 tiles, 45° arc
10 tiles, 90° arc peripheral
Other traits Heart Monitor
Loot when stealing 80 credits
Loot when expert stealing
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