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Hologram Projector

Hologram Projector icon

The Hologram projector is a throwable item that when thrown creates an object that provides soft cover to any agent standing next to it.

Unlike most objects, a Hologram Projector allows both agents and guards to move onto its tile, where it will provide no cover in any direction. Guards will ignore the projector's existence for pathing purposes. Agents behind a Hologram Projector will ambush a guard that walks into the projector's tile. A Hologram Projector can be deployed directly on top of an agent.

An agent standing on top of a Hologram Projector can walk out of overwatch and into the projector's soft cover without getting shot. Throwing a Hologram Projector while overwatched will result in the agent being shot, except when the projector provides cover to the agent.

The Hologram projector makes noise in a 1.5 tile radius, and therefore will cause all human guards coming onto its tile or any of the eight tiles adjacent (either orthogonally or diagonally) to it to investigate it. Any guard that hears the Hologram projector will become alerted. It will not trigger sound bugs, however.

It can be picked up by both agents and guards on its tile, and guards will only pick it up or care about it if they investigate on its tile (but because it makes noise, human guards usually will investigate its tile if they come in its sound range, unless they see something else before picking it up). If the Hologram projector gets picked up by a guard, an agent can steal it back from the guard. Once picked up by either an agent or guard, it will be on cooldown for 1 turn and cannot be thrown until that wears off. Drones will not pick up the Hologram projector unless they happen to investigate its tile for some other reason, as they cannot hear sound.

Throwing the Hologram projector into a vision (either primary or peripheral) of a guard will alert him. His interest point will be a tile into which the Hologram projector was thrown. However, a security camera will not increase an alarm tracker in a response to throwing the Hologram projector into her vision.

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