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Universal Power Cell

Universal Power Cell icon
Plugs into most industrial devices to supply temporary backup power in case of emergencies.

A Universal Power Cell is a special item which must be acquired in each mission after the OMNI Foundry Lab mission in the extended campaign. Finding and retrieving the Universal Power Cell is a compulsory mission objective; it must be looted from a Redundant Power Relay and carried by an agent when leaving the mission.

Universal Power Cells have no other use, cannot be sold, and are not kept between missions. They do not occur in the OMNI Mainframe mission.

Universal Power Cells are found in the Contingency Plan DLC.

Redundant Power Relay

A Redundant Power Relay.

A Redundant Power Relay is a mainframe device containing a Universal Power Cell. The Redundant Power Relay must be hacked or rebooting for an agent to loot it.

The Redundant Power Relay is found in a 3×5 prefab room, which is typically found far away from the exit room in each facility. The Redundant Power Relay itself provides soft cover.

Redundant Power Relays should not be confused with the Power Relay Station side-mission, which has a similar name but is unrelated.

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