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This page contains spoilers for the game's story and a special mission.

OMNI Foundry Lab

You transported clear across the city — it's going to take us a couple of minutes to track down your precise location. Secure the prototype and await our arrival.

The OMNI Foundry Lab mission is a special mission which occurs in the extended campaign when playing with the Contingency Plan DLC. It takes place immediately after the Research Facility mission.

Your agents teleport to the OMNI Foundry Lab directly from the Research Facility, and continue to be joined by Monst3r (if he was not already in the team). Any agents who were knocked out or lethally-wounded when exiting the Research Facility mission become active again as normal, including Monst3r, but there is no opportunity to visit the world map screen, purchase skill upgrades, or move items in or out of storage between the two missions.

The OMNI Foundry Lab is an OMNI facility; it has a particular prefab starting room which is also the exit room. Unlike all other facilities, the OMNI Foundry Lab also has three guard entrances instead of two.

There are two compulsory mission objectives:

Research Security Terminal

Research Security Terminal

Secure Case

The Secure Case.
Ah. There's our MacGuffin.

Accessing the Research Security Terminal opens the door to the inner area of the objective room, where there is a Secure Case containing the Quantum Reservoir.

Quantum Reservoir

Quantum Reservoir icon
A portable case with a drive big enough to hold Incognita temporarily. It will need to be charged with special power cells we need to acquire each mission.
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