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Plasma Gun

Plasma Gun icon
Corporate HVAC systems detect the gunpowder in traditional firearms instantly, making them useless during infiltrations. Plasma weapons may have limited ammo and a high credit cost, but at least they don't broadcast your position to the entire facility when you take them out of your pocket.

A Plasma Gun is a lethal ranged weapon, with no armor piercing and no cooldown. A Plasma Gun uses ammo, with an ammo capacity of 1; it can be reloaded using a Charge Pack.

Plasma Guns can be bought from some Nanofabricators for 300 credits; additionally, Draco starts with one.

Hand Cannon

Originally developed as a sidearm for government troops during the Resource Wars, the Hand Cannon has found a second life in the black markets of the post-government age.

A Hand Cannon is an upgraded version of a Plasma Gun, with an increased ammo capacity of 3. Reloading it with a Charge Pack restores its full ammo capacity. Hand Cannons can be bought from some Nanofabricators for 900 credits; additionally, Archive Shalem 11 starts with one.

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