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Draco's methods were certainly unconventional, and I took heat for recruiting him. But what my superiors failed to understand was that we were not fighting a conventional war, and we could not afford to limit ourselves to conventional tactics. The corporations had deeper pockets than we did, and were wholly unaccountable to the system of international justice. I didn't have the luxury of restraint. I was charged with interdicting the enemy's security operations as efficiently as possible, and if bad things happened to a couple of their corpses along the way I make no apologies. Some day I'll get around to that silly vampire book; who has time to read nowadays, anyway?

Matei Cernat, known as Draco, was an agent in the Pan-Euro Infosec Agency. He can be selected at the start of the game, as an archive agent.

Draco is found in the Contingency Plan DLC.


Born with a rare photo-sensitive skin condition, Matei grew up a recluse in a dimly-lit world of dusty books and old stories. His debut neurval 'The Data Vampires', made him a small fortune upon its publication, but he spent much of it resecuring his privacy. Dogged by rumours of strange augmentations and questions about the real-life inspiration for his macabre works, he eventually faked his own death and retreated into the shadows. When corporate forces overran his hometown in the first major offensive of the war, he emerged from hiding and offered his skills to the PEIA. Strapped for agents, the PEIA didn't ask too many questions about how a reclusive neurvelist would have attained such skills.
Inventory: Neural Disruptor, Plasma Gun
Augment: Neural Pattern Grid
Skill: Strength 2
Age: 40
Tagname: Creature of Darkness
Hometown: Bucharest[1]
Years of service: ??[2]


Draco's personality is a bit of a mystery due to how much he has embraced his “creature of the night” persona. The language he uses is very lyrical and it's clear that his artistic/neurvelist side is still a major part of his identity, even as a PEIA agent. This is supported by the implication that he consistently tries to convince his fellow agents to read his vampire book. While he has an augment that encourages killing and is implied to have killed in the past during his civilian life, it's not clear what his true motivations for the murders were or how he feels about them on a moral level. It seems likely that his book has a semiautobiographical nature, and that the character of Abby, who is compelled to kill by a craving outside of her control, reflects his own experiences.

An extract from Draco's book can be found in his datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “Take them from the shadows.”
  • “I can feel the spaces between myself.”
  • “That light! A little warning next time?”
  • “We are the predators here. Use their fear against them.”

When rescued:

  • “I'm alive!”

Final words:

  • “I've died before. It is nothing.”
  • “Sleep tight. I will be back for you.”
  • “Back to the soil, at last.”
  • “Death means nothing to me, fools!”

Draco does not have banter with other agents, although some is added in the Additional Banter mod.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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