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Esther is one of our newest recruits, and she shows great promise. She's certainly motivated to get back at the Corps, after the smear-job they did on her. I don't keep up with the Holovids, but even I had heard about her so-called “youthful indiscretions”. The Corps are never more ruthless than when they are trying to control their public image. I feel the same may be said for Esther.

Esther Martins, known as Prism, is an agent employed by Invisible. She can be selected at the start of the game in either her on-file or archive variation.


Esther Martins was a rising Holovid star when a rival leaked her teenage participation in anti-corporate riots. Fired by her studio and facing an unrelenting public smear campaign, she faked her death and went underground. With her dramatic training and a commandeered holorig, she spent a couple years running confidence jobs against corporate execs before joining Invisible.
Inventory Neural Disruptor
Augment Refraction Chamber
Skill Anarchy 2
Age 29
Tagname Master of Disguise
Hometown Nairobi[1]
Years of service 2[2]


Prism's career didn't take off overnight — she paid her dues like any other up-and-coming actress. She spent years playing extras like “Young woman with baguette” and “Confused partygoer” before finally finding her first speaking role: “Security guard #3”. After her exile, she would use that particular disguise more than once to sneak back into Holovid studio offices at night. It was her highest paying role ever.
Inventory Holo Projection Mesh
Buster Chip I
Skill Anarchy 2
Age 22
Tagname The Extra


Some of Prism's backstory is described in her datalog.


At the start of a mission:

  • “Now you see me…”
  • “I was right about these bastards all along.”
  • “My head is spinning!”
  • “These fat cats make me sick.”
  • “Let's rob from the rich and give to ourselves.”
  • “Perception is everything.”

When rescued:

  • “You won't regret this.”

Final words:

  • “How about a re-take?”
  • “Is this the final curtain?”
  • “Do you want my autograph, first?”
  • “I'm so tired of running from you people.”


These can also be found on the agent banters page.

[1], [2] According to the game's source code.
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