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Echo is a daemon which reboots and recaptures a random hacked mainframe device. The recaptured device will reboot for 1 turn, and then return to the enemy's control with 1 firewall.

Echo can target most hacked devices, but some devices — Augment Grafters, Augment Drills, all drones, Barrier Guards and OMNI Protectors, and the Security Hub and Mainframe Lock — are specifically exempt. If Echo has no valid targets, then it has no effect.


Echo is a relatively weak daemon; if it recaptures an important device like a Security Camera in a room you need to go through, then all you need to do is hack that device again. On the other hand, Echo often recaptures a device you don't need to hack:

  • Echo sometimes recaptures a Security Camera or Sound Bug in a room you don't need to go through or return to, or a Power Supply connected to something you don't need to get past again.
  • If it recaptures a Corporate Safe or similar, then you can still loot the device while it is rebooting.
  • If it recaptures a Database then you typically don't need to hack it again to get the same information; either the information remains revealed, or you can remember it.

When Echo is triggered by hacking a device, that device itself may be the one recaptured by Echo.

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