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A database.
A database that has been hacked.

Databases are mainframe devices which can be hacked to reveal information about the facility.

Each facility has at least one database, which is randomly either a Camera Database, Console Database or Facility Database. Additionally, at mission difficulty 2 or higher there is always a Daemon Database, and in Server Farm missions there is an additional Console Database in the objective room.

Databases provide soft cover, allowing agents to hide on adjacent tiles.

Camera Database

When hacked, a Camera Database permanently reveals the locations of all Security Cameras in the facility, including inactive cameras.

Console Database

When hacked, a Console Database permanently reveals the locations of all Consoles in the facility.

Server Farm missions always have a Console Database in the objective room, in addition to its other Database(s). This can mean a facility has two Console Databases, in which case there is no benefit to hacking more than one of them.

Daemon Database

When hacked, a Daemon Database permanently reveals information about current daemons on all mainframe devices in the facility. The Daemon Database under the player's control does not passively reveal any new daemons that have appeared after hacking the database.

Daemon Databases do not occur at mission difficulty 1. At mission difficulty 2 and higher, every facility has a Daemon Database in addition to its other Database(s).

Facility Database

When hacked, a Facility Database reveals the outline of the facility map. If the Facility Database is recaptured, the outline becomes hidden until the Facility Database is hacked again.

The facility outline can be used to identify dead ends, as well as the likely locations of objective rooms and the exit room.

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