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Security Dispatch

Security Dispatch mission preview
This is a regional security office, so expect hardened resistance. High-level security operatives may have specialized gear that we can re-purpose.

Security Dispatches are a type of mission which can occur in both Campaign modes and Endless modes. The primary objective of a Security Dispatch mission is to loot a high-value item or weapon from the Secure Locker, which is found in a small room protected by an Emitter and a Lvl1 Security Door. The reward is the item or weapon from the Secure Locker, plus some credits.

Secure Locker

The Security Locker.
You've found the secure lock-box. Time to open it up.

The Secure Locker is a mainframe device located in the Security Dispatch's objective prefab in a small room protected by an Emitter of the type that corporation uses and behind a Lvl1 Security Door. The Emitter protecting the Secure Locker will be in addition to the Emitter guaranteed to be in every facility, and will be connected to the same Power Supply that the other Emitter is connected to.

When hacked or rebooted, it can be looted for a rare item or weapon and sometimes credits. Credits tend to accompany the less valuable rare loot.

When the rare item or weapon is taken from the Secure Locker, the corporation's Security Response is triggered. The Security Response is not triggered if the Secure Locker is merely accessed, nor if just the credits are taken. This response is not prevented by leaving another item of any kind there.

Security response

The item was resting on a pressure plate, and they know it's been moved. Guards are coming your way.

The nearest available guard to the agent who took the rare item or weapon is sent towards the agent's location. This interest point is persistent.


Polnet show this courier is a missing persons report. His contractor has a reward for intact data recovery. Feel like being a good Samaritan, Operator?

There is a 25% chance (hardwired into the prefab) that a given Security Dispatch will contain a Courier and a patrolling Captain inside the 4×4 interrogation room. The Courier only has 5 AP, cannot sprint and cannot survive being shot, but getting him to the exit will yield an additional reward of credits.

The Courier guarded by a Captain
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