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Biogenic DART

Biogenic DART icon
A small bioreactor recharges this D.A.R.T. launcher after every use. Do not open — contains no user-serviceable parts.

A Biogenic DART is a non-lethal ranged weapon, which deals 2 KO damage with armor piercing 2, and has a cooldown of 7 turns. Unlike most other ranged weapons, it does not use ammo.

Biogenic DARTs can be bought from some Nanofabricators for 1200 credits, from Monst3r for 960 credits, or looted from a Security Dispatch mission.

Overclocked Neural DART

There's no counting the number of hackers that have fried themselves with an overclocked energy gun. Monst3r's successful re-wiring has never been repeated.

The Overclocked Neural DART is a unique non-lethal ranged weapon belonging to Monst3r. It is a variation of a Biogenic DART, which triggers a random daemon when it is fired; additionally, it has a longer cooldown of 8 turns, and a higher armor piercing of 3. Its resale value is 300 credits.

Daemons triggered by the Overclocked Neural DART are never reversed. The daemon is triggered after dealing damage, so if Jolt is triggered then it reduces the target's KO timer immediately, but if Watchdog is triggered then it does not. The Overclocked Neural DART can have a particularly dangerous interaction with Jolt, potentially causing the target of the attack or another guard to wake up immediately, and sometimes immediately shoot the agent who made the attack.

Despite being a unique weapon, due to a bug in the game it is possible to duplicate the Overclocked Neural DART when playing with the Contingency Plan DLC. If Monst3r is not on the player's team at the start of the game, and the Overclocked Neural DART is carried out of the OMNI Foundry Lab mission by an agent other than Monst3r, then it is kept after the mission, and Monst3r will have a duplicate copy of it when he reappears for the OMNI Mainframe mission.

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